27 kwietnia dzień florysty

Today is Florist's Day!

April 27 – this day, Polish florists have been celebrating their holiday for 10 years. We wish all Florists that your life will be full of roses! Let your passion for flowers continue to grow!

Thanks to the work and finesse of florists, our celebrations and interiors acquire beauty and character, largely meeting our aesthetic needs. Contrary to appearances, the work of a florist is not easy and it is certainly not a profession in which everyone would find themselves. Of course, in addition to arranging bouquets and the appropriate selection of flowers, the florist must take care of their maintenance and be able to properly protect the plants against rotting or drying out, which requires professional knowledge and skilful use of everyday plant care techniques. Equally important in this profession are the skills that allow you to reach the client and correctly interpret his needs. A professional florist is distinguished by a good understanding of the client’s expectations and preferences, and at the same time efficient finding himself in any style. Here, knowledge in the field of cultural studies and art may be necessary, on the basis of which you can reach the customer’s taste in a unique way or emphasize the style of the interior or event. A good florist is a person with exceptional manual talent, but talent alone is not enough.

A florist is undoubtedly an artist who, apart from broad knowledge and skills, should necessarily have a sense of aesthetics and love flowers. The Fair of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture – Green Days is a unique opportunity to get to know floristic novelties. During the event, participants have the opportunity to learn about modern floristic techniques and plant care, as well as see the latest products and devices offered by hundreds of exhibitors. It is also a great opportunity to conduct business talks and find new business partners. Additionally, the event is accompanied by workshops, during which florists can gain extensive theoretical knowledge and gather interesting experiences.

The economic situation related to the coronavirus pandemic did not spare the florist industry. All events, such as weddings or First Holy Communions and others, which are a profit opportunity for florists who decorate rooms, churches, prepare bouquets for special events, or provide table decorations and First Communion wreaths, have been canceled. For a long time, the chances of earning have decreased enormously and many entrepreneurs are struggling with financial problems, and the industry is losing millions of dollars. The future of many florists becomes uncertain and a large group of florists worry about their work.

We believe that florists and florists will soon be able to return to their activities. As the organizers of the gardening and landscape architecture fairs that have been taking place at Ptak Warsaw Expo for many years, we will do our best to help entrepreneurs renew their business relations as well as broadly promote and sell actively during the upcoming Green Days edition. We keep our fingers crossed for you!

The 4th edition of the Fair of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture – Green Days will be held on March 17-19, 2022 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

We kindly invite you to the fair!